Event: 'MA: Artist & Activist Conference-Public Spaces, Forbidden Places' Print
  Greater Boston
Events taking place in the Boston area.
Date: Friday, January 27, 2012 At 09:00 am

Location: Marran Theater, Lesley University, 36 Mellen Street, Cambridge, MA

Description: This is the second annual conference focused on how the arts are used as social action and as acts of courage and vision. This year’s conference will look at the concept of public, private and community space and how the arts can be used to transform public, private and community space into thought provoking catalysts to address a wide range of social, political, and psychological issues. This conference will feature local, national and international artists, activists, educators, and mental health care professionals presenting the important work they are doing to bring about change and awareness. Speakers will address issues such as violence, healthcare disparities, and other social inequities, to promote civic engagement, advance the health of whole persons and whole communities, address the healing of trauma, and utilize the arts to educate, to examine our world, and to envision future possibilities.

For more information, including reservations: http://www.lesley.edu/ce/ls/conferences.html