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ARTISTS IN CONTEXT is a flexible organizational framework designed to assemble artists and other creative thinkers across disciplines to conceptualize new ways of representing and acting upon the critical issues of our time.  The Prospectus is the main project of Artists in Context, and is a curated, multimedia collection of works through which artists collaborate with creative thinkers from other fields to propose innovative ways they and others might intervene in major debates on global, national and local/regional scales. More information on the project can be found on the current Prospectus site. Artists in Context is a project of The Arts Company.

This website is an archive of previous AIC activities.

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Marie Cieri, Co-Director. From 2004 – 2008, Marie was assistant professor of social geography and critical cartography at The Ohio State University.  In her current work, she combines geographic techniques and perspectives with ones drawn from the arts and popular culture to create alternative representations of space and place from the perspective of populations who generally have little access to the tools and forums of the public sphere. Before becoming a geographer, Cieri had a diverse career as an arts producer, curator, consultant and writer. She was the founder and from 1987-present has been the director of The Arts Company, a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA, that collaborates with contemporary artists on the production, presentation and touring of new work in a variety of art forms. Her freelance work has included long-term cultural projects for The Rockefeller Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Kitchen in New York City. She also has held professional positions at Walker Art Center, the New England Foundation for the Arts and two daily newspapers. Among her publications are two books, including Activists Speak Out: Reflections on the Pursuit of Change in America (2000, Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press), which contains activist profiles from a variety of fields, including the arts.  Currently, Cieri is a critic in graduate studies at Rhode Island School of Design and a consultant on a number of projects dealing with the arts, freedom of information and/or social justice.  She also is working on a new book entitled Irresolvable Geographies, which explores the idea that spaces and places are continually constructed and contested from a number of cultural, economic and political points of view.

Louisa McCall, Co-Director. Louisa was Program Director at the LEF Foundation from 2000 -2008, where she oversaw the investment of $4.3 million in 420 artist and organizational projects and created special strategic initiatives for independent film production, artist support systems, and public art, architecture and design.  Prior to joining LEF, Louisa organized a national conference for The Institute for Art and Civil Dialogue at Harvard University, in collaboration with Anna Deavere Smith, the W.E.B. DuBois Institute and the American Repertory Theater.    In her many freelance projects, Louisa has focused on strategic consulting and institutional advancement.  In 2006, she developed a vision and produced a strategic plan for the City of Boston Public Art Commission.  Louisa has been involved at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston as a member of the Board of Directors and as a strategic consultant for public programs and special artistic initiatives.

Peggy Reynolds, Advisor