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Presentation Slides from Setting Structures Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Gavin Kroeber, Untitled (for Dan Borelli), 2011

Dan Borelli and Gavin Kroeber presented "Crossing the Rubicon" at the Greater Boston Connected and Consequential Conference in June.

This collaborative project-in-progress by Dan Borelli and Gavin Kroeber evolved from research they did about the town of Ashland, MA, once the site of the Nyanza colorant plant and now the location of the Nyanza EPA Superfund site...

The collaboration between “insider” (Dan, who grew up in Ashland, MA) and “outsider” (Gavin, a producer and student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design along with Dan) allows for a holistic exploration of the history and experience of Ashland and the development of a project with countless stakeholders. In Crossing the Rubicon, Dan and Gavin aim to create an experience-based artwork that alters people’s sense of place, to host an event that convinces experts to activate current information about the contamination and to create an exhibit in the public library that will act as an archive of the town’s and plant’s history.

In November 2011, they presented The Cloud of Unknowing, and in December 2011 presented Setting Structures about the organizing of a project with so many stakeholders. The slides above are from that presentation.