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July 27, 2011

Home to birds, aquatic and terrestrial organisms as well as humans, New York City + Boston are territories characterized by cosmopolitan cross-species interactions, ecological co-dependencies and tasty possibilities — all driven by the giant mix-master of tidal dynamics — and as the nurseries, dating services and red-light districts for the oceans we have our hands, or mouths, on a lever arm to improve environmental health, conveniently right here, where so many of us are.

Starting with a cocktail followed by five courses with paired potables, each of the preparation processes in the kitchen had a corollary process in our estuary ecosystem.· we looked to understanding these systems on hand, rather than the mono-cultured yields of our legacy agriculture. Rather than follow the bulldozers of the Army Corp, we explored with the most powerful force in transforming land and oceans: our mouths/our desires. And through the course of a gastronomical adventure in the present we discussed how dense human populations in these ecosystems can be, might be, and sometimes are a force of good.


From the Environmental Health Clinic website:

The Cross(x)Species adventure club enlists people to taste a biodiverse and delicious future, and furthermore, to engage in enticing experiments, invest in food innovation, and participate in re-designing our collective relationship to natural systems.

Food can not only be redesigned to reduce the environmental costs, but to promote, augment and remediate ecosystems –greatly amplifying a positive androgenic effect. This requires understanding the food web and community structure, chemistry, nutrient cycles and organisms behavior within the context of complex ecological systems.

Like the web 2.0 of the food systems, the cross(x)species adventure club guides us towards a participatory, DIY, and multi-platform food systems (to complement centralized control under the FDA regulating service). In short food as a medium of art, adventure, pleasure and agency.


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