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September 24
Workshop 4 - 5:30 pm
Dinner 7 - 10 pm
Location in Greater Boston TBD

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xSpecies Invitation - AIRWe will explore a nutrient we can barely see + without which we could survive mere minutes. The air around us contains hundreds of thousands of organisms in every cubic meter, making it as alive as any soil or water, + every breath an intimate xSpecies moment. It is microbes that help form the delicate patterns in snowflakes + provide surface area for the condensation of water vapor and, hence, the creation of clouds.

During the workshop, we will uncover the science of ice cream, at once an emulsion + foam composed of ice crystals, [milk]fat +, vitally,  air. You will be judge + contestant: does the molecule-thin chromium blade of the pacojet, the nano-sized ice crystals of the liquid nitrogen or the traditional churn make a tastier ice cream?

The dinner will be an exploratory event. In each of 5+ courses, we will encounter vapors, smokes + stabilized bubbles, we will ingest air trapped in solids + suspend solids in air. With each course we will pair potables + look deeply into the foamy heads of craft beers which encapsulate liquid in air.

The xSpecies Adventure Club is a project of the Environmental Health Clinic, a platform created by artist and engineer Natalie Jeremijenko. The purpose of this experimental design project is to transform our relationship to nature; to break down the division between humans and other species and demonstrate that the world is one giant feedback loop and that any division between self and other, society and nature, is a problematic dichotomy. Despite the seriousness of the underlying intention, these dinners are a blast and you will experience things you've never experienced before.

The culinary explorations of the xSpecies Adventure Club are the product of collaboration between molecular gastronomist Mihir Desai and engineer/artist Natalie Jeremijenko.

Read more about the xSpecies Adventure Club at the website for the Environmental Health Clinic.

The cost for the workshop will be $35. The cost for the dinner will be $110. The fee associated with these events is to defray the costs involved in producing the food and drinks. The cost is comparable to other supper clubs and is a fraction of a similar restaurant meal. A contribution that exceeds the minimum will support research and development - however, it is your participation that is most valuable to these Cross(x)Species experiments.

For more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To purchase a ticket, visit Brown Paper Tickets

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