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June 17, 2012
Tour: 1:45 PM, Back Bay Station Plaza
Workshop following the tour: ~ 3PM, Southwest Corridor Park. Corner of Yarmouth and Carleton
Rain Date: June 20th, 6 PM

In connection with People's ToursSocial History of the South End Walking Tour - part of the Common Boston Festival - Artists in Context invites you to join a conversation and workshop on situated research methods - methods which engage the subject and environment of the focus of investigation. People's Tours will share their experience researching this neighborhood - primarily through databases, government documents, newspapers, archives, theses, books, internet searches, repositories containing newspaper clippings, photographs, online exhibitions, and audio recordings; past interviews with some activists for past projects - as well as the complexities of mapping a walth of data onto a walking route through the neighborhood itself. We invite other practitioners to share their experience, concerns, and questions around researching complex and embedded subjects.

This program will follow People’s Tours walking tour exploration of the effects of the South End’s long tradition of community activism and the neighborhood’s changing demographics on its physical character over the years. Many notable landmarks, including the Tent City and Villa Victoria housing developments as well as Southwest Corridor Park, were conceived and developed in direct response to community protest movements against drastic redevelopment plans in the middle of the last century. How do these past neighborhood challenges and successes still resonate in the present day?

Both events are free, however RSVP is required for the walking tour:

RSVP to Max Roberts-Zirker: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the Situated Research Methods program.

People's Tours consists of David Taber, Heather McCann, Kristin Parker, Neil Horsky, and Tim Devin, and can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Neil Horsky is a community artist and educator.

Tim Devin is a community artist and librarian. His projects have involved community, public space, books, zines, maps, walking tours, and giving things away for free. He's on the board of the Somerville Arts Council, and is part of the Rise Industries creative group.

Dave Taber is interested in history and places.

Heather McCann - Urban Planning Librarian and volunteer librarian at A-Z Library, the Library of Occupy Boston. Heather is a member of the Boston Radical Reference Collective, an organization of library workers who use their skills as librarians to help activist communities in support issues of social justice and equality.

Kristin Parker manages a Boston area museum art collection, curates exhibitions and is a consultant archivist. She volunteers with the A-Z Library of Occupy Boston as librarian/archivist and is a member of the Boston Radical Reference Collective. Kristin's expertise is on turn-of-the-century Boston, though recent projects include civil rights collections.