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loupettecoverJuly 22-24, Toronto, Canada

The third international interdisciplinary conference on comics and medicine will explores the intersection of sequential visual arts and medicine. This year, AIC Prospectus artist Nancy Andrews will present the development and expression of ideas, memories and emotions in a semi-autobiographical comic book Loupette and the Moon: A Graphic Pathography of Genetics, Destiny and Trauma.

The narrative of Loupette, a girl with hypertrichosis, presents ideas about the mind, sanity and perception, based on the artist's experience with a genetic disorder experiencing delirium and medical trauma. Loupette connects to a series of drawings "Delirious" that depict the devastating territory of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) delirium and its psychological aftermath. This talk will question the ways that drawn narratives enter into dialogue with medical research, patient education and public awareness of health/medical issues.