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ARTISTS IN CONTEXT is a flexible organizational framework designed to assemble artists and other creative thinkers across disciplines to conceptualize new ways of representing and acting upon the critical issues of our time.  The Prospectus is the main project of Artists in Context, and is a curated, multimedia collection of works through which artists collaborate with creative thinkers from other fields to propose innovative ways they and others might intervene in major debates on global, national and local/regional scales. More information on the project can be found on the current Prospectus site. Artists in Context is a project of The Arts Company.

This website is an archive of previous AIC activities.

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Books and Catalogues*

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Book Chapters, Articles and Essays*

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Films and Videos*

Pioneers in Art and Science: Gustav Metzger. (2004, dir. Ken McMullen).

*Lists in formation. We acknowledge In the Footnotes of Library Angels: A Bi[bli]ography of Insurrectionary Imagination as one of our sources for these lists.